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'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Marriage Drama, Legal Trouble and False Promises

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Season 6 | Episode 3 | "No Apologies" | Aired July 23, 2015

This week's episode is all about the teen moms' legal and marriage troubles. Last week, Leah seemed to be doing well. She seemed more organized, more in control, and she passed her drug test. Yay! This week, she looks tired, run down and overwhelmed again, so when Corey asks for more weekdays with the girls, I'm glad that she recognizes that it might take some of the stress off her and that she is willing to consider it.

Skip to later in the week, Leah has the girls up until almost midnight on a school night! I know that I find it hard to function when I don't get enough sleep, so I can't even imagine what that would be like for a 5-year-old. I truly believe that Leah is trying her best, but I think at this moment, she is having trouble staying on top of everything. It probably would be best for both Leah and the twins if they spent a few more weekdays with Corey.

At the end of the episode, Leah and her husband Jeremy pack the kids into the car to drive to a cheerleading competition, and it honestly looks like they're moving out. The poor kids are buried under random stuff, and when Jeremy brings it up (although not in the most diplomatic manner, there's a lot of swearing involved), they get into a huge argument. Things are not looking good for Leah at this point for marriage No. 2,and I still think she needs a vacation and a nap.
The streak is over for Jenelle and Nathan. They made it two whole episodes without any explosive fights, but now they're up to their old tricks again. Something happened at the end of their vacation that they don't really get into, so now there's tension between the two of them. Jenelle feels that she is finally ready and stable enough to try to regain custody of Jace, so she asks Nathan to come with her to an appointment with her lawyer. Since he has asked Jenelle to MARRY HIM, I think that it is completely reasonable for her to want him there for support since regaining custody of Jace affects Nathan as well.

Nathan, however, does not seem to grasp the importance of the meeting, and Jenelle gets frustrated with him for making her late, which again, is completely understandable. The couple then gets into an explosive argument where Nathan says that since Jace is Jenelle's son, he's not Nathan's problem. Wait what?? He wants to marry this girl, but her son is not his problem? Is he planning on just ignoring the poor kid if they get custody? In the end, they make it to the lawyer's office, and Jenelle begins the process of seeking custody of Jace, who currently lives with his grandma. I'm expecting lots of drama again next week because we all know Barbara is not going to take that well, but hopefully Nathan comes around, so he can support Jenelle through what will probably be an ugly custody battle.
When we first see Chelsea in this episode, she is discussing her current custody battle with a friend of hers. Even though Chelsea and her baby-daddy Adam don't get along, she understands that he is Aubree's dad, and she never talks about any of his issues or the custody trouble in front of her daughter. Chelsea meets with her lawyer, and they send an official response to Adam's request for 50/50 custody. Since Adam is not following the current visitation rules, Chelsea is now looking for visitation to be held at a visitation center.

For the first time this season, we see Adam during one of his weekends with Aubree. He's already breaking the rules since his parents don't seem to be present, and he then proceeds to discuss Chelsea and the custody case in front of his young daughter. Pushing it even further, Adam tries to get Aubree to tell him what Chelsea says about him (at this point I'm almost screaming at my TV). Aubree looks visibly uncomfortable and mumbles that she doesn't remember obviously not wanting to upset either of her parents. I can't even fathom what would make Adam think it was a good idea to put his daughter in the middle of his custody battle with her mom since she spends most of her time with her mom and adores her. I also can't fathom what would make him promise Aubree that he was going to see her more and that he was going to take her to his house soon since he's not allowed to do that under the current custody agreement!

This leads to the most heartbreaking moment of the episode where little Aubree tells her mom that her daddy promised her he would take her to his house and that "you can never ever break a promise." GOOD WORK ADAM. YOU'RE REALLY SETTING YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS ON THAT ONE. At least we got to see one cute scene where Chelsea's boyfriend Cole agrees to kill all the spiders for her #relationshipgoals; am I right?
Kailyn and Javi continue to have marriage problems in this episode, but at least it seems like they're trying by going to counseling. Javi, however, is still extremely untrusting of his wife and storms out of their house because Kail followed a boy on Instagram. I'm sure (or maybe I just want to believe) that there is some deeper problem going on here, but at this point it, looks like Javi and Kailyn are going to get divorced because Kail wants to keep some privacy and won't let Javi go through her phone. I will admit that Kailyn throws the word "divorce" around pretty easily, but I do understand her wanting a stable and healthy environment for her sons. I don't really understand why she has a problem with Jo (Isaac's dad) moving closer because I feel like that would make co-parenting easier, but I'm sure will see that play out some more as the series progresses.
I don't know about you, but I'll definitely be tuning in next week not only to see how all this legal and marriage drama unfolds but also to see the return of Jenelle's dramatic and over-the-top mother Barbara.
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