Is It Time to Throw Away Your Makeup?

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There comes a time in every girl's life when you have to throw away your favorite makeup product and replace it with a new one. Whether the product has literally run its course or you haven't used it in so long you're not sure if it's wearable or not, at some point, you just have to throw it away. But how do you know whether or not something should be kept or tossed? The longer I can keep my mascara the better, right!?!

We sat down with one of our favorite beauty editors, Angela Bobo of Northern Virginia Magazine to get the lowdown on when we should throw away our beauty faves.

CAMBIO: How can I tell if it's time to throw away my makeup? Seriously, I have no clue.

ANGELA BOBO: While there are certain time frames to live by, most of it comes down to common sense and watching how your products change. If your mascara is dry, your nail polish has separated and your lip gloss seems to have changed colors - it's time to toss!

What are these "time frames to live by"?

The most important products to watch out for are those that you put near your eyes because of the introduction of bacteria and germs near such a sensitive area. As a result, it's important to replace eyeliner and mascara every three to six months.
When To Throw Away Your Beauty Products
Mascara & Eyeliner Toss After Three to Six Months

What about my face products like foundation, concealer and blush?

Foundation depends on the formula and bottle type. If it is a jar that you dip your fingers into (like most concealers), it is best to refresh after six months to a year because of the introduction of bacteria. Liquid foundations can separate after a year, which can change the way the product looks when applied. Powder formulas can run about two years.

Blushes usually follow the same time frame as foundations depending on the formula. Powder blushes can last two years, while cream and liquid formulas only last one.
When To Throw Away Your Beauty Products
Liquid Foundation & Blush Toss After Six Months to One Year
Powder Foundation & Blush Toss After Two Years


Lipsticks and lip glosses tend to last two years before they start to dry out. Matte formulas might dry out earlier because the composition is already a little less creamy.
When To Throw Away Your Beauty Products
Lipstick Toss After Two years

How about my nail polishes? Those can last forever, right?

After a year, nail polish tends to change colors or start to thicken, but that being said, I know many women that have and still use polish from years ago. If the goal is to save money, nail polish might the one thing that can be pushed a little longer as long as you use your best judgment. Just make sure you are buying three-free or five-free formulas.
When To Throw Away Your Beauty Products
Nail Polish Toss Whenever You Want!

This is great! Any tips to help make my products last longer?

My main tip for making your products last longer is to watch where you store your goods. Spaces with high heat and humidity (like most bathrooms) tend to cause your makeup to change and breed bacteria at a faster rate.

Also, I like to have different products for the warmer months than colder months (mattifying in the summer, moisturizing in the winter), which cuts down on how much I use each product and the introduction of germs and bacteria.

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