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20 Things You Should Stop Doing in Your 20s

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Being a 20-something is not easy - regardless of where you are in the world, your gender or your background. Being a young adult is a tough job with a very murky job description in its own. Whether you decided to go to college, pick up a job or travel with friends, there are a few things that could be holding you back from being truly being everything your 20-something can be.
new girl gif1. Not Texting Back: You're going to find that everyone has a different texting style. Some people answer their texts ASAP while others might decide to answer when they "get a chance." Don't lose out on valuable friendships by not texting back. It takes less than a minute to send out some sort of response to keep the conversation going.

texting gif2. Looking Over Your Shoulder: It's human nature to compare yourself to the person next to you. If we're not doing it out of jealousy, we're probably doing it to convince ourselves we're on the right track. It's going to take some practice to focus on your own life, but you'll gain so much peace of mind from it.

3. Being Too Chill: Let's be honest; everyone loves the chill girl. She's barely ever worried about that bad grade or getting a job in four years, and she's always up for anything. Be approachable, but don't forget to trust those gut feelings that tell you to review your transcript with your adviser (yes, again!) or staying on top of your pop quiz friendly professor's class.

4. Not Fueling Your Body: When it comes to campus food, cheaper isn't always healthier. Almost everyone has opted for a buttered bagel over a chicken salad at some point, especially when you figure out a salad can cost almost three times as much. Listen to your body and give it what it needs when you can afford it. Even if you can't, don't starve yourself just to save a few dollars.

eating food gif
5. Throwing Away Leftovers: It might seem like NBD to throw away that burger you didn't feel like finishing or letting bread turn stale, but you'll appreciate the food you're putting into your body if you treat it like the valuable yummy stuff it really is. Learning to appreciate what you have and finding ways to save money on food will come in handy later on, whether you're starting a family or living it up on your own.

6. Not Coming Home for Holidays: During your 20s, having a small get together with your college roommates sounds cooler than coming home for the usually family holiday party. You get to pick your own food and drinks and dance to cool music with people your own age. But make it a point to attend at least some of your aunt's ugly Christmas sweater parties.

7. Skipping Class: Even if you got a full ride to your dream university, remember that someone out there is paying that tuition - whether it be a scholarship foundation, generous donors or even tax payers. Unless you are sick, get to every class you can or you're wasting money each time.

8. Not Pushing Your Friend: In most cases, you can't force someone to do something they don't want to do. In fact, it might make them resentful or disappointed. But, if you have a friend who hasn't bothered transferring to her dream school or filling out those job applications on her table, it's time for you to be her biggest cheerleader. Don't pester but encourage her as much as you can.

9. Relying on Caffeine: Even if you never drank coffee in high school, it's possible that you started getting hooked on caffeine during your 20s due to the stress of having to work more hours or attending extra classes. The stresses of being a young adult require your body to have an extra spark to get you through the day, but don't ever rely on sugar or caffeine as your main substance 24/7.

10. Not Having a Mentor: Everyone goes through different paths to get to their goals, but consider yourself lucky if you can find someone who can teach you everything they wish they knew at your age.

11. Not Playing Video Games: Dust off your old Nintendo DS or Gamecube. Be a kid sometimes. Just do it; you'll be happy you did.

12. Throwing Away Books: I can't stress this enough: Donate!

13. Drinking When You Don't Want to: In your 20s, you'll come across a lot of people who drink socially as well as people who drink because they actually like the taste of beer, wine, etc. If you'd rather have a ginger ale with dinner instead of a beer, go for it because no one will really care or notice. Which leads me to...

drinking wine gif14. NOT Drinking When You Want to: Drinking ≠ going wild and blacking out. Once you're able to order your own drinks at a restaurant or bar, you should be able to pick out what you like best and under your own judgment.

not drinking gif15. Ignoring Your Pet: It's pretty hard to ignore that big lump of fur sitting next to you after a long day. But taking care of a pet means more than just feeding and playing with it. It's worth taking your pet to a vet for regular checkups and don't bother Googling weird symptoms they might be having.

16. Having a Secret Obsession: If you love something, whether it be a boy band, TV show or cheesy young adult novel, let the world know! You'll bond with so many new people that way.

mean girls obsessed gif17. Not Cooking: You'll win someone's heart and stomach with your mom's special potato salad, I promise.

bacon pancakes gif18. Not Watching the News: Not just celebrity news, real news! Turn on your favorite news channel each morning, and you'll become a more informed young adult all while squeezing into your skinny jeans and stuffing your face with toast.

i need help gif19) Skipping Charity Work: Your 20s are the best time to be doing charity work! Doing something to help a cause close to your heart or community (despite the fact that you're EXHAUSTED from everything else you have to do each day) will build your morale and connect you to people who will truly appreciate your time.

20. Hating Your Job: You might not always be working your dream position, but in each job you do, there's always going to be a silver lining that helps you in the future. Consider all menial work you do as stepping stones for your dream job.

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