5 Reasons Why You Should Join the Beygency

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Although it is only the fourth week of July, a very important day is approaching. We are only several weeks short of September 4 - the day when Beyoncé Giselle Knowles was born. In honor of her birthday BeyHive members should all be preparing for the Beygency Recruitment Day. The Beygency Recruitment Day is the day when Queen Bey fans take their fandom to the next level. Here are a few reasons why you should consider joining the movement:

1. Beyoncé is LIFE

Beyoncé is more than a celebrity/role model who you can live vicariously through, she is LIFE. In the most challenging situations asking yourself WWBD (What Would Beyoncé Do?), could possibly result in the most life-changing experience EVER. For example, you can use her philosophy when revealing your pregnancy to the world or maybe for more extreme cases like, when your younger sibling is attacking the bae.


2. The only person Kanye West loves more than himself is Beyoncé

Kanye West, perhaps one of the most narcissistic people of the 21st century, has defended Beyonce's honor on numerous occasions! More than he has defended his own wife, Kim Kardashian.


3. She is legen (wait for it...) dary!

Have you seen her discography? Not only did she release five studio albums before the age of 32, she was the first woman in the history of the Billboard Charts to have all five of her albums debut at No. 1! Not to mention she made herstory when she released her self-titled album, Beyoncé, digitally on iTunes without prior announcement or promotion, selling 1 million copies in a week and reaching platinum status in 17 days without any advertising! WHAT?!


4. She is extremely humble

Beyoncé is one the most influential women in the world, yet some people still try to discredit her art. Still somehow, she is able to remain classy and humble...


5. She is a proud feminist

It is no secret Beyoncé Knowles identifies as a feminist. On her last album, her song titled "Flawless" featured Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's famous Ted Talk, where she discussed why everyone should be feminists. This song sparked a lot media coverage and the video became a symbol used throughout the feminist movement, thus dubbing Beyoncé a feminist icon.


Bey proud and join the Beygency! Or else.... What are you waiting for?

Disclaimer: This article was not sponsored by Beyoncé.


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