6 Life Skills You NEED TO KNOW Before Going to College

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As a rising high school senior, I just can't seem to relax this summer. College is basically LOOMING ahead, like the serial killers in those crime shows (I've been watching a lot of Criminal Minds - can you tell?). But I know the best way to deal with a serial killer is to be prepared - lock the door, turn on all the lights, have the police on speed dial - so what better way to deal with college than to be prepared?

So with that happy introduction, here are 6 life skills that are an absolute must to know before you become a legitimate "adult" and go off to college - alone *shudders*

1. How to Wake Up

Trust me, you will have that one friend who absolutely can't wake up unless someone personally goes over to them and taps their shoulder (I usually end up being that friend...). At college, unless you have the best roommate, you will not be able to get to class on time without learning how alarms work. Put your phone on the loudest volume. Have your parents call you at a specific time. Make that cute guy in your math class throw rocks at you window. JUST DON'T KEEP SLEEPING.


2. How to Make Ramen

Food is love. Food is life. But all college food was not created equal -I've visited enough campus cafeterias to tell you that. Unfortunately, we all aren't able to cook *actual* food. Who needs actual food? In college, all you need is instant ramen...and a lot of it. Just buy a whole box of chicken-flavored ramen from Costco for less than 10 bucks, figure out how to boil water, and you're golden. There's your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack for the rest of the semester. And if you get bored of chicken, get some beef or shrimp-flavored ramen - THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.


3. How to Braid Your Hair

We all have those mornings where your alarm just doesn't want to work and you end up leaving the house 45 minutes late with your clothes haphazardly thrown on and a Pop-Tart stuffed in your mouth, but those mornings shouldn't compromise your fabulous hair. My solution is either shoving a beanie onto my head, which doesn't always fit with my outfit, or having my mom braid my hair awkwardly for five minutes. Unfortunately for me, I will not be in a position where my mom will be able to come braid my hair for me, so I'll have to learn to adapt to my new environment.


4. How to Do Laundry

Unfortunately, magical laundry goblins will not come every week to wash the piles of dirty clothes scattered on your floor. (There are evil goblins who take the same left sock from your dryer, but that's a completely different story.) Unless you have an unlimited amount of resources to buy clothes or one of those seemingly infinite wardrobes like Cher has in Clueless, you will eventually have to figure out detergent and dryer sheets and spin cycles and which of your skirts need to hang dry. That, or you can be known as the one kid at your college that wears the same seven outfits every week - you do you :)


5. How to Enjoy the Outdoors

I am one to talk about needing to go outside - as long as I have Wi-Fi and a laptop, I'm good. Amazon to the rescue! But, in all seriousness, spending all of your time inside studying is not healthy AT ALL. Everyone needs time to decompress, whether it's simply by laying out on the grass or playing Frisbee with your study group. Breathe in the fresh air, relax a little bit, and start working on that pre-winter tan.

Selena Nicole

6. How to Interact With Humans

We all have our antisocial moments (some more than others *cough cough wink wink*), but you won't be able to survive college holed up in your room, no matter how much you emulate with Cath from Fangirl. Bond with your roommate, leave your dorm room open for people to flow in and out of, awkwardly make eye contact with someone in the bathroom. Friendships can be formed anywhere, and they will be great to fallback on should college prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Which will undoubtedly happen. WOOT WOOT.

College is terrifying, but it's one of those things that everyone has to go through. Sure, it's an extra four years of school, but you'll have more freedom (and still be under your parents' insurance plan WIN WIN). What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but just don't spend three days studying only on the power of RedBull and hysterics. It helps if you can act like a real human, but there will be a lot of other people who are just as awkward and antisocial as you are. Trust me, I'm a professional.

WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER *cues HSM music and nostalgia*


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