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7 Holidays You Probably Didn't Know Existed

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Here are seven awesome holidays that you never knew existed but will want to start celebrating.

minions time to celebrate gif1. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Yes, you read that right! On January 28, you better have your bubble wraps ready to get poppin' (unless you have this kind that - gasp - doesn't pop).
bubble wrap gif2. National Read in the Bathtub Day

This interesting holiday is celebrated on February 9. Now, there are many bathtub-related holidays, such as:

  • Bathtub Day on October 7
  • National Bathtub Party Day on December 5
  • Bubble Bath Day on January 8
If you need a reason to take a long relaxing bath, I just gave you four! And Chandler agrees.
chandler bathtub gif3. Thumb Appreciation Day

This might sound silly (don't they all?!), but on February 18, it's time to show a little appreciation to those thumbs that are doing all the texting! Oh, what would we do without our thumbs?
thumb gif4. National Pink Day

As if we need another excuse to wear pink, aside from Wednesdays - be sure to wear pink on June 23!
on wednesdays we wear pink gif5. Wiggle Your Toes Day

Get ready on August 6! Free up those toes and start wigglin'!
toes gif little mermaid6. Fight Procrastination Day

For all my ladies out there who leave everything until the last minute, I know that feeling all too well. Now we have a day, in which we can unite and fight this battle together. Let's join our forces on the first Wednesday of September!

7. Chocolate Covered Anything Day

I can't be the only one who thinks that everything is better with chocolate?! Now, there's a perfect excuse to dip anything and everything in chocolate on December 16! I bet you're extremely excited for this holiday!
chocolate gif
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