3 Hacks to Save Your Phone From a Cracked Screen, Water Damage and More

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We couldn't live without our cell phones, but we take them for granted until, of course, something goes completely wrong. You go on vacation and realize that you've run out of storage (no photos!?!?). Trip over a curb, and your phone hits the sidewalk with a stomach-churning crack. Leave your phone on a lounge chair, and it gets accidentally kicked into the pool.

Luckily, there's a wealth of information out there that can clue you in to how to fix these problems without seeking pro help. Here are three of the encounters that can be major smartphone buzzkills, along with some smart solutions.

1. No Storage

Identify the source, suggests Mashable. On an iPhone, go to Settings > General > Usage. It'll show you which apps are taking up the most space. On Android, look in "Settings" or "My Device," and export some apps or contacts to an external SD card to make some room.

Generally, videos take up the most space on your phone, followed by photos. Next is music, then apps. If you can remove a few videos, you might have enough space to snap some selfies in front of the Grand Canyon or that killer sunset over the Pacific Ocean.

2. Cracked Screen

You cracked your phone screen, and you honestly can't imagine how life could get any worse. Well, we'll tell you. That cracked screen can splinter, and then you'll really be miserable.

If you have cracks around the outside of your phone, pick up some Sugru in the color that best matches your phone. Using masking tape, cover the illuminated portion of your screen, and delicately spread the Sugru over the glass to help it bond. Allow it to cure overnight and the next day, your phone is ready to go. More detailed directions with useful photos can be found here.

3. Water Damage

PSA: Conventional white rice is NOT the best thing to absorb water from a phone, according to test results by the people at Gazelle.com. If it gets wet, immediately shake, blow-dry or vacuum as much water out as possible. This is so important.

If you are afraid of losing all your data, open up your phone and place it in front of a fan. Most phones can be opened with a Philips screwdriver; the iPhone requires a "pentalobe" screwdriver that you'll need to order online.

Once you've done your best, you can try submerging it in silica gel or instant rice. Place 4 cups in a 1– to 2-quart container. But Gazelle claims that leaving it in open air works just as well.

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