How to Get Over Your Latest TV Obsession

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We all have those shows. The ones that, after being queued up on Netflix for months, finally made it to the front of the line. The ones that, after just the first episode, had you hooked. The shows that you watched a season of each day with little regard to the real world.

But just like we all have those shows (for me, the latest was Parks and Recreation. 10/10 would recommend), we all also have that horrible period of time after finishing those shows. It's a time filled with staring blankly at screens, wishing there was another season or five to watch, and crying over the sad fates of all your favorite characters.

I've been through the cycle of watching TV shows plenty of times and below, I have put together a handy list of my top ways to get over your latest TV show marathon.

1. Go outside

Sometimes the best solution to post-series depression is distance. Try to go outside, maybe even with friends (?), and reacquaint yourself with the real world. While it was enjoyable to disappear into another world for a few weeks, after eight full seasons it might be time to return to reality. Distance is the key to regaining any sense of normalcy in your everyday routine.

2. Read a book

If full distance is too hard at first, try immersing yourself in another universe and read a book. Like a TV show, books will give you a universe and characters to fall in love with. Unlike TV, however, books will not ruin your eyes with bright lights. Plus, because writing is such a different medium than TV, you won’t be comparing the book to your last TV show all the time. Honestly, there is practically no way you could go wrong with a good book.

3. Watch another TV show

If escaping the world of TV is not doing it for you, then try watching another show. Chances are that your Netflix queue is already lined up with at least a few shows. Start another show and with any luck, you will soon be immersed in a universe so amazing that you completely forget the old one. It might be hard to adjust yourself to a new set of characters so soon after bidding the old, familiar ones farewell, but a new show can be the key to putting your life back on track.


4. Rewatch the show you just finished

If all else fails, you can pull yourself together by watching the show again. This is a temporary fix, like putting a band-aid on a stab wound, but it can help you get to a more stable emotional state. Try revisiting some of your favorite episodes or rewatching the series from the beginning. Slowly begin cutting down the number of episodes you watch a day until you are back to being a functioning member of society.

5. Cry because it's over :'( |
At this point, Netflix is probably an irreplaceable part of your life but the constant grieving of old TV shows doesn't have to be. With these simple tips, you can kiss your days of mourning old plot lines goodbye! Now if you will excuse me, I am going to head onto Netflix to get started on Scrubs. 


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