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8 Life Lessons the Minions Taught Us

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Minions are no doubt the most adorable animated creation ever. No matter what these yellow dudes do, they always end up making us aww (and laugh), but inside all this craziness, there are deep meanings to them, for sure.
1. Be Yourself

Despite how stupidly innocent minions are, they never try to be someone or something totally different. Be who you are. Embrace your flaws and make use of them, too. Try to make others smile, if nothing else. You'll be loved; we bet on that.
2. Look for New Opportunities

Who knows what the next job (or experiment) may be - possibly the one you've always dreamt of? Well, you'll never know if you don't try. Open every door you can; one could possibly lead to success and adventure.
minion gif dancing3. Have Fun

Aren't minions all about that? Don't take life too seriously. It does bring a lot of hardships, but if you are brave enough, you'll laugh it off. BOTTOMS!!!
4. Look Out for Your Friends

What's the fun in laughing if you laugh alone? Always stick to the people who join you in every crazy mistake you do, and then giggle it off.
minions gif5. Don't Be Scared to Live Your Life

If you are sad or tense about something, why not fight it off with a little minion dance? Minions are all about living life as it's meant to be: hilarious and fun. Sing and dance through life. Don't be afraid what others will say. The life you live is yours, not theirs.
minions gif6. Don't Ask - Give a Hug

What's more better than a friendly smile? A friendly hug! Hugs are scientifically proven to help lose stress, so if words aren't enough to console a friend, give them a bear (or minion) hug.
minions hugging gif cute7. Don't Let Work Take Over Your Mind

Life is all about work - you can't just drool away like a sloth and then expect happiness. Whether it's carrying out an experiment, babysitting, entertaining or just cleaning of the house, grab a maid dress and shake it off like DAVE!
minion maid gif8. Believe in the Power of...the Banana!
After all these minion movies, can you live without bananas and bapples? At least I can't. So grab both, and TADAAA!! You have the healthiest snack ever - who knows, it might help us change into minions one day (a girl can dream)!
minion banana gif
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