Briana Jungwirth's Ex Weighs in on Louis Tomlinson Baby Daddy Rumor

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Just when you think we've heard from everyone about the Louis Tomlinson baby daddy rumors (except from Louis himself, that is), another person crawls out of the woodwork.

This time it's rumored baby mama Briana Jungwirth's ex-boyfriend, who has a thing or two to say about just what kind of dad he thinks Louis will be. Um. Okay, then. We're taking this one with a honkin' grain o' salt, but carry on ex-bf...

Briana's ex, Maxx Feldman, tells Heat that he's afraid that with Louis' busy schedule, he's not going to be available enough for the baby.

He tells the site: "The child is as much his as it is hers, so I'd hope that he would be there. I'm sure the child will be looked after financially, but I do wonder how much he is going to be able to contribute, and is he going to be a prominent figure in the baby's life?"

As for all the buzz that Briana may have purposely tried to get pregnant with Louis' baby, Maxx said, "She had aspirations for what she wanted to do. She talked a lot about wanting to go into photography...she was creative and into artistic stuff. But I'd never have imagined she'd end up having a baby with a pop star." with that information what you will. {Shrug.}
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