Did Taylor Swift Diss Katy Perry During Her Latest '1989' Show?

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All of this bad blood is turning into big drama! Taylor Swift just kept the OMG-they're-beefing rumors going by basically dissing Katy Perry on stage during one of her 1989 recent shows.

Thanks to fan footage from Tay's concert in Foxborough, Massachusetts, we're all pretty sure T-Swiz just threw some made left shark shade at Katy. Tay's infamous enemy totally chimed in on Taylor and Nicki Minaj's Twitter argument last week and Taylor hasn't responded until now...

The diss went down while Taylor was performing her "Bad Blood" tune for fans at the concert. We all know that song is reportedly about Katy so fans totally noticed that out of nowhere a dancing left shark made it's way on stage during the song.

In case you're confused, Katy is the queen of "Left Shark." She totally had her dancers dress up as sharks during her Super Bowl performance, and the left one became a huge hit. Don't ask...

Before you get all worked up about Taylor adding fuel to the fire, know that Swifties are striking down the diss talk. They're saying that the shark thing was just one of her dancers playing a prank on her, and joking around. He apparently came on stage the night before with a lobster?

We don't really get it, but we'll take their word for it. Either way, it was quite a coincidence because the two singers allegedly started fighting over tour dancers a few years ago. And we're pretty sure there was an inside Katy-joke behind the gesture even if no one wants to admit it. It all a little too fishy for us, Tay Tay...
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