Harry Styles Was the Inspiration for This 'Inside Out' Character?

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Okay, show of hands...who saw the incredible new Pixar movie Inside Out? Did you notice one of the characters was kind of Harry Styles-esque? Well, neither did we...but it turns out the One Direction star was the inspiration for one of the characters. And now we can't see anything but Harry.

When we watched the movie in a theater, we did have a total giggle over the long haired boyband-ish guy that turns up in main character Riley's imagination. The fact that her imaginary boyfriend says he would die for her literally spoke to us.

Turns out, it's totally based on Harry, as Inside Out director, Pete Docter, confirmed that his daughter is "very much a [One Direction] fan."

He explained to Digital Spy, "We were looking at the hairstyle and the tight-fitting jeans that are a little bit saggy around the middle."

OMG, we're crying over the skinny jeans bit.

Producer Jonas Rivera added: "[Harry Styles is] the greatest hits of what an imaginary boyfriend would look like. We asked a lot of people!"

The character in the film, however, isn't British, so it's not entirely a Harry knock-off, as the imaginary boyfriend says: "I would die for Riley. I live in Canada."

Given all the amazing things Harry does (like helping a fan in need, as one of many examples), we admit he's rolling around in our imaginations too. harry styles inside out imaginary boyfriend generator gifharry styles inside out imaginary boyfriend generator gif die for Riley
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