How To Tackle That Elusive Smokey Eye Like a Boss

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It's easy to fall into a habit with our makeup routines. If you're anything like me, you tend to stick to the easy looks that get you out the door. I love to do a typical cat eye paired with a blended eyeshadow and a pop of color just in the corner of the lid. It works for me, but the main reason I do it is because I've always been afraid to try different looks. Like the smokey eye. What is it about the smokey eye that's so elusive? It's basically the little black dress of eyeshadow; it never goes out of style. After checking out a few easy YouTube tutorials like this one, I decided to give it a go.

Also, if I can do this, anyone can. Really, I mean it. It's fun to try new things! And if you're looking to mix things up even more (get it, girl!), try the trendy new square lid look next.

1. Supplies! Here's what you need.

smokey eye tools for tutorial
I used my everyday Urban Decay Ammo pallet, primer potion, a rounded shadow brush, a narrow shadow brush, a liner brush for highlighting, and then my fave eyeliner and mascara for the finish. You don't have to buy any fancy shadows for this! Just use three varying shades of the same color. A lighter for the base, darker for the lid, and a lighter for the highlights. Easy!

Here's a detailed pic of the simple shades I used:
urban decay ammo pallet

2. Primer is key!

before smokey eye with primer
I can't sing the praises of eye primer enough. I use Urban Decay's Primer Potion to lock all that shadow in place for the day. Just dab and rub onto the eyelid - and a bit underneath the eye as well.

3. Grab your rounded eyeshadow brush...

smokey eye tutorial
And sweep a generous amount of the medium shade (No. 1 on my palette) on the lower section of the eyelid - but not the corners towards your nose (save that space for highlights!).

4. Take your narrow eyeshadow brush...

smokey eye tutorial in progress

And use the darkest of your shades (No. 2 on my palette), dab the outside of the lid and blend in about halfway and sweep up towards your brow. Feel free to use a finger to blend the colors together better.

5. Finish by...

smokey eye tutorial
Taking the smaller (liner) brush and blending the lightest shade (No. 3 on my palette) in the corners of the eyes and under the lid. This brightens the eyes. Finish with your favorite liner and mascara. I used e.l.f. liquid liner and Buxom mascara. Easy peasy.


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