Nothing Can Steal Jack Griffo's Thunder, Not Even a 'Sharknado'

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What a cutie, right?

Jack Griffo stars in Nickelodeon's super-hero live action comedy show The Thundermans, but when he's not busy saving the word, he's just a normal 18-year-old. The Florida native chatted with us about superpowers, his latest film Sharknado 3 and even talked about his bae, who is also an actress, Ryan Newman.

C: You have superpowers on "The Thundermans," but if you could really have any superpower in the world, what would it be and why?
JG: "My little sister, Chloe's power is pretty sweet. Being able to teleport anywhere would be pretty cool!"

C: What was the most challenging part of filming Sharknado 3?
JG: "The weather. It was really cold which is weird because we filmed it in Florida."

C: Are you a big fan of shark week? What's your favorite animal?
JG: "Yes, I am a fan! I love sharks however my favorite animal is my bearded dragon."

C: You and Ryan are adorable together! Does the pressure of people knowing who you both are make it harder to be together? Or easier since you both can understand each others lifestyle?
JG: "Being in the same position in our lives helps a ton. We understand each other. It's odd to have people rooting on a relationship, but also nice."
C: You have over 450K followers... What is your Instagram secret? Also, how does it feel knowing that many people are paying attention to what you do?
JG: "It's cool. I rarely think of my posts as being for 'fans.' I just think of it going out to family or friends so I try to keep it pretty personal and relatable."

C: Who are some of your favorite people to follow on social media?
JG: "Chris D'elia, Dane Cook, David Spade. I follow comedians because I like laughing and sharing with friends throughout the day."

C: We loved your cover of "Four Five Seconds"! But does music or acting come first for you?
JG: "Definitely acting. Music was more something I liked to do as a hobby when I had more time but it's still really important to me."

C: Lastly, if it could collab with anyone - acting or singing - who would it be?
JG: "Doing an action film is a dream of mine. To be in a Guillermo Del Toro film or obviously a Tarantino movie would be my top choice. My hope is to be able to build my career and eventually get to that point - I don't feel like doing a movie like that right out of the gate from children's programming is something I would be ready for. I hope, for my sake, that I'd be able to do a variety of smaller things to really learn a lot so I'm ready for the big league a little further down the line. But who knows what will happen. Maybe I'll be ready sooner than I think."

Sharknado 3 premiered on Syfy on July 22.


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