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11 Old Disney Series That Will Bring Back Your Childhood

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Let's travel back in time to when Disney Channel was actually good. Every day, I would come home from school and go straight to the couch, where I would jump and sing along to "Best of Both Worlds" from the Hannah Montana theme song.

Here are 11 Old Disney Shows that give me #ALLTHEFEELS.

1. Hannah Montana

I couldn't NOT list this one. This was one of my favorite childhood shows - ever. I had the shirt as well as the lunchbox, and I saw the movie AT LEAST five times. This show made me laugh, cry and sing along with EVERY song Miley/Hannah sang - you get the best of both worlds.

And by the way, Miley, Lily and Oliver were just #squadgoals.

hannah montana gif

2. Wizards of Waverly Place

This show was right along side with Hannah Montana for me. I remember being so little watching this, and I thought that I could be a wizard like Alex. I would always look for Waverly Place (it actually exists in New York), and once I got there, I was just like "Alex Russo was here!"
selena gomez gif

3. The Replacements

This was the first cartoon from Disney I ever watched. I still have all of the old episodes in my iCloud - #memories. I'll always remember the episode with Riley's birthday party and Sierra - that was my all-time fave!
the replacements gif

4. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

This show is still one of my favorites - I turn on Disney channel sometimes when those rare re-runs come on. I cried when they ended it, but then they did Suite Life on Deck, so that was OK. Zack and Cody will forever be the best Disney twins ever (sorry, Liv and Maddie).
zack and cody gif
P.S: London will ALWAYS be my favorite character.

london tipton yay me gif

5. Shake it Up

This is the show that started my love for Zendaya (aka Rocky Blue). The dance numbers before the show started were my favorite parts! This was the last Disney show I watched - when it ended in 2013, and when Jessie started to go downhill, I realized that the new Disney Channel wasn't great and stopped watching.
rocky and cece shake it up gif
This will still be one of my favorite Disney shows - but let's not forget about Gunther and Tinka, who added TONS of humor to this show - I love them so much!
gunther and tinka textpost

6. Kim Possible

Cheerleader super spy? YES PLEASE. I loved this show so much, I even had the pajamas! And we can't forget about Ron Stoppable and that Mole Rat (even though it gave me nightmares) - throwback to when Disney cartoons were good!
kim possible gif

7. That's SO Raven

This show is a classic - it might as well be renamed to "Everybody LOVES Raven" :) This show made my childhood a lot happier - and funnier! Raven Symoné is still one of my favorite actresses - I recently saw her on ABC's Black-ish!
that's so raven gif

8. Handy Manny

Who DOESN'T love a show about talking lovable tools that fix everyone's problems?! I loved Handy Manny, it was one of my Disney Jr. FAVES.

handy manny gif

9. Disney Channel Games

OK, technically this wasn't an official show, but it did go for three consecutive years in a row. I was particularly interested in the Disney Channel Games 2008, when The Cheetah Girls preformed after Team Inferno won!
selena gomez disney channel games gif

10. Jonas L.A.

I was a HUGE fan of the Jonas Brothers - songs, concerts, movies, apparel - the whole nine yards. I still listen to "Burnin' Up" on iTunes radio when I feel like it - #FEELS. When they made a show (even though it was cancelled after two seasons), I watched every episode five or more times.
jonas la gif

11. Sonny With a Chance

I remember watching this show because I had loved Camp Rock, and I was a big Demi Lovato fan at the time. This show was on towards the end of my Disney career, but I still loved and enjoyed it! This was Demi's "goodbye" to Disney Channel - she gave lots of laughs on this show.
sonny with a chance gif
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