Epic Fail: Girl Drops Kid Sister While Trying to Catch Wedding Bouquet

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You're at a wedding and it's time to line up to catch the bride's bouquet. What do you do? Go for it with wild abandon, right? Now imagine you're holding a small child – would your approach to catching that bouquet change?

We'd hope so...but it wasn't the case for this overly enthusiastic wedding guest, who got so caught up in catching that damn thing, that she must have forgot about the toddler she was holding on to.

We've seen wedding fails before, but watch the whole thing unravel - as the girl's lined up, clutching her little sister, hoping for a shot at the bouquet...then she drops the kid. Thud.

Also? She didn't catch the bouquet, so it's a lose-lose all around.

LivTheGinjaNinja posted the clip to YouTube, even slowing down the footage so you can watch the whole trainwreck unfold. The YouTube user also assured that the child wasn't hurt – but we're willing to bet she may be scarred for life.
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