Fans Accuse Kim Kardashian of Faking Her Pregnancy

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Kim Kardashian admitted that she secretly loved the rumors that she was faking her pregnancy awhile back because it meant to her that she still looked good enough that people didn't believe she was pregnant.

Now, she's definitely showing and that should have made those rumors come to a screeching halt, right? Wrong. This is the Internet and the Kardashians we're talking about...rumors don't die that quickly.

In the pic above, taken on July 26, the reality star's baby bump is barely peeking out from under the fabric of her dress. Basically, she kind of looks the way we feel after Chipotle.

Then, two days later, she posted this selfie and - well, it looks like her baby bump grew A LOT in a mere 48 hours and the commenters were quick to point that out. "You, @kimkardashian are most certainly not pregnant. you are faking it completely. stop embarrassing yourself. You embarrass yourself enough as it is. Pathetic," one person wrote. "Fake pregnancy, that doesn't even look real," another chimed in.
While she definitely does look more pregnant in the second photo, Kim was making a point to show off her baby bump in that one (hence the caption "good night baby" and her hand cradling her belly), so she's posing herself in a way that really accentuates it. Remember, Kim is a pro at this stuff.

Also, the lighting makes a big difference. We think the fact that there's a light shadow above the bump and a dark shadow underneath makes the bump itself look a lot bigger.

And why would she fake her pregnancy, anyway? She was very honest about her struggle to get pregnant and for someone who is very into her appearance, we can't imagine her CHOOSING to wear a pregnancy suit for nine months. Then again, there are still people who think Beyonce faked her pregnancy, so....yeah.
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