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What a busy week! Between touring Cosmopolitan, debuting on Huffington Post Live and continuing to review pitches from various startups, we barely had time to blink.

This week, we heard from Kate Shillo, the director of Galvanize Ventures, a part venture firm, part incubator hybrid startup. Basically, she is everything that we aim to be.
She was amazing and taught us all about how venture capitalists organize and use the money they receive from their investors.

On Tuesday, we got to meet Joanna Coles. Let us repeat that - Joanna Coles, the editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan and Seventeen at the Hearst Tower in New York City. She was fierce. Our favorite quote:

"You will never stop feeling uncomfortable - that's what makes life interesting and how you find out what you're made of."

Switching from high fashion to business, we entered our next pitch meeting. This pitch was amazing! When we talk about the perfect pitch, that was it. The CEO of the company came in with a friendly and confident aura, and immediately, we were intrigued.
She was just awesome.

Later that day, we visited Handy, a cool startup that allows users to book professional home cleaners and handymen through an app, so you don't have to resort to this:
We also had the chance to talk to Handy's co-founders, Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua, who followed the likes of Mark Zuckerberg by dropping out of college to start their own successful business.

Then, on Thursday, it was Future Builder's Day - a day to celebrate AOL's fabulous interns, including ourselves! First thing in the morning, headshots. NBD. If we were going to be entrepreneurs, then we definitely needed professional photos for our LinkedIn profiles that were NOT selfies.
After our quick photoshoot, we headed over to an intern-exclusive session where we learned about defining our personal brand. Gaining 1 million followers and writing quality tweets was a piece of cake for our session leaders, Jackie and Claudia. For some of us, it is a little more trouble.

In the afternoon, we mingled with interns over scrumptious Baked by Melissa cupcakes. Our favorites? The cup-caron (macaron on top of a lemon cupcake) and the PB&J. While we were scarfing down cupcake after cupcake, AOL CEO Tim Armstrong appeared and asked us for OUR suggestions on social media. Pretty cool, huh?

Our growing anticipation came to an end on Friday morning, when we went on Huff Post Live.
But afterwards, we felt like movie stars:

Danielle, our manager, had to remind us not to let our heads get too big.

All in all, a packed and thrilling third week. With only one week left, making the most of our time here at AOL is constantly on our minds. We can't wait to see what will happen next week, and we're looking forward to developing entrepreneurial skills before we judge the BBG Challenge in September.
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