Is This the Most Awkward Engagement Photo Ever?

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We can only imagine the conversation that happened right before this photo. "Let's spell out our initials together, we'll do mine first and then yours...oh, that spells 'Alan,' never mind, let's switch 'em." Except that switching them was a terrible idea because we'd take "Alan" over "Anal" any day!

"I don't think they thought out this engagement photo," the uploader explained on Reddit. Unless they totally did think it out and they knew exactly what they were doing. If so, well played, you two!

If not...Breaking news: your initials spell "Anal" and you should probably reshoot that pic (seriously, just go for the "Alan" angle) before you start sending it to your family and friends.

The good news is that they won't be "Anal" for long if she decides to take his last name, at which point they'll both become "AN," unless those aren't even their initials at all and they just punk'd the entire internet.

Ashton Kutcher would be proud...

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