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9 Unrealistic Dating Expectations That We All Have

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I'd say I'm a hopeless romantic with high expectations, which most people consider unrealistic now. But it's not my fault, having all the marvelous stories and characters in books and movies. The problem is, those perfect scenarios often described in books aren't necessarily common in real life, or as I've heard once, "your ideal world/scenario will not always match your real world/scenario."

Still, I can't help myself, so here are my unrealistic dating expectations.

1. Handwritten Letters

I'd like to know there's someone out there who actually cares, and I definitely miss the days of handwritten letters - not that I have exactly lived those - but I still think it's the most romantic thing ever. I mean, it's more personal. It's just you, the pen and the paper. It's actually you writing, instead of just typing - and if someone takes the time to write something for you, even if it just says, "You look good today," it definitely counts. Even if it's not through paper letters, I think good morning texts are a cute way to show interest, too.

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2. Actual Questions for a Date - Not Just the 'Let's Hang Out' Text

Maybe it's me and my obsession with old school manners, but I still find it truly romantic, cute and marvelous if someone asks you out with a "Would you like to...", or even going straight, to-the-point saying, "Would you like to go out on date with me?".

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3. Romantic Gestures

I'm not saying that someone has to spend a lot on flowers or chocolate, but it's cute to see someone bring even a small flower to the date or a piece of chocolate or whatever they want to bring. It's not the thing itself that counts, it's the gesture.

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4. Someone Who'll Understand Both Your Lady-like Moments and Your 'I'm a Freak' Ones

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5. Space Respect


6. Book Lover

I definitely like the art of traveling through books, and I have this very crazy dream of finding someone who'll understand that, who'll know what I like about Patch, Travis Maddox or Mr. Darcy, someone who'll get the point or who'll be there to share a book with me.
Couple lying in bed holding up newspapers

7. Handmade Gifts

Just like I value handwritten notes and letters (because I find them more personal), I love handmade gifts on special occasions. It doesn't have to be something big; it's the time you spend doing it which makes it valuable.
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8. Someone Who'll Be There to Protect You If You Ever Need It

Of course, we can do whatever we want - we are strong and independent girls. It's not that we can't protect ourselves, but having company able to help you in case you ever need someone is just perfect. Someone who'll understand you don't need them, but it's never actually bad to have them around once something has became overwhelming. Someone who doesn't want to fight your battle for you; someone who'll just be there by your side. I mean, someone like Prince Albert, please.

9. Cooking Skills

Not that they need to make masterpieces, but it would be nice to have someone who knows how to cook and wouldn't mind making something for you sometimes.
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