3 Celeb Interviews More Awkward Than Cara Delevingne's Good Day Sacramento Appearance

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Maybe it happened out of secondhand embarrassment or sheer disbelief, but a face palm seemed to be the most appropriate reaction to Cara Delevingne's cringe-worthy interview on Good Day Sacramento.

The model/actress blamed the visibly uncomfortable exchange on the reporters, tweeting that they didn't understand sarcasm or her dry British humor. And as fellow actor Zach Braff later pointed out on Twitter, the anchors did come off a bit snarky when asking whether she'd read John Green's Paper Towns, despite the fact that she has a starring role in the film adaptation. The entire interview was downright painful from start to finish — let's just say Cara definitely wasn't in the mood to show off her impressive beatboxing skills.

Unfortunately, Cara's in good (or bad) company when it comes interviews gone terribly wrong. Check out these three celebrity interviews that were even more awkward:

Kanye West

Oof — I pity the interviewer who incites the wrath of Yeezy. Luckily, Ryan Seacrest is a pro (though we're not sure if he was channeling Dr. Drew in this case or just trying to pay a misunderstood compliment) because it takes some pretty tough skin to withstand a sarcastic jab delivered from the mouth of Kanye.

Samuel L. Jackson

You know it's a rough work day when you mistake one veteran actor for another, which is precisely what happened when this news anchor confused Samuel L. Jackson with Laurence Fishburne. Seriously, I think I caught a cramp from cringing so hard.

Robert Downey, Jr.

Robert Downey, Jr. is known for his portrayal of Iron Man, but his onscreen superheroic abilities were nowhere to be found during this interview. The exchange reached peak levels of awkwardness when the interviewer brought up Robert's prior struggles with alcohol and drugs. His reaction obviously shocked the reporter and everyone watching.

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