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I Quit Snapchat for a Week - Here's What Happened

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This actually happened to me; this is my story.

When the mixer machine we have called a Thermomix wasn't plugged in, let's just say that hell broke loose, and the Internet - the very thing we struggle to live without - went down. With the Internet box soaked through, we were facing no access to all social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Wattpad, Dubsmash, Polyvore, Pinterest, Periscope and of course SNAPCHAT!
snapchat gifIf I ever have to give you a piece of advice for Snapchat, I'll tell you this: Make sure you keep up to date with it! After a while, there is a build-up, and even though the snaps can only last a couple of seconds, users add more and more snaps to their stories, and it can get up to 300 seconds long. It also gets annoying, and the more "friends" you have means having longer stories to sift through - and after an entire week without Internet, it can be frustrating.
snapchat gifOne thing I did learn was that I didn't need Snapchat DESPERATELY, and I can actually manage to live without it.
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