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Long Hair, DO Care. 7 Reasons Why #TheStruggleIsReal

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1. Styling it at all takes so long that you get bored and want to quit halfway through, and no one ever understands why you're late.

2. Normal hair clips and elastics can't contain it, so your hair is always in your face.

3. You can't go outside with your hair down because it will blow in your face, and it will get stuck to your lip gloss.

4. Having long hair in the summer is like wearing a scarf, and it's always sweaty, gross, and stuck to your neck.

5. Sleeping with your hair down is a hazard. You could strangle yourself and die!

6. Anytime you go swimming, it takes so long to de-tangle afterwards that you seriously consider just hacking it all off.

7. And finally, you will never be able to pull off a Beyoncé hair flip without getting half of your hair in your face.
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