Miley Cyrus Lets Her Permit-Toting Sister Noah Drive Her Around Despite Needing a Driver Over 25

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Miley Cyrus is causing all kinds of controversy thanks to her baby sister Noah. Shocker. We know.

The two sisters were spotted cruising around in Los Angeles the other day. While that's not a big deal at all, it is whenever Noah is the one driving.

Miley's younger sis apparently just got her driver's permit. That's big news in any teen's life, but she might want to start following the rules before someone takes that ish from her. You see, she's supposed to have someone over the age of 25 accompanied with her while cruising....

Fuck Uber when you got a lil sister with a permit!!!!

A photo posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Miley is only 22 years old, and we're pretty sure Noah didn't have anyone else in the car with her when they were spotted out and about. Of course, people are flipping their s**t because of this. The law IS the law...but dang. Maybe breaking the rules runs in the fam?

Noah also posted a picture on her Instagram of herself driving a very new Jeep Wrangler, which showed just one of her hands on the wheel. It also appears to be a selfie taken while traveling 15 miles an hour...


A photo posted by @noahcyrus on

Drama aside, it IS cool to see Miley and her sister hangout. Not a lot of siblings are BFFs like they are. Miley was the one who posted the troublesome pic, and bragged about her baby sis growing up and driving on Instagram.

We're sure little Noah has learned her lesson from this, and will have the right aged rider with her next time...and her twerking sis, too. Congrats on the freedom, Noah! Be safe out there!
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