New Fart-Trapping Underwear Lets You Break Wind Wherever You Want

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Yes, this is real life.

A company called Shreddies is trying to remove the embarrassment of farts slipping out in public with the world's first fart-trapping underwear. Their motto: "fart with confidence." So, no more of this:

Although it won't hide the noise if you let a loud one rip, it will conceal the smell. Shreddies "flatulence-filtering" underwear has a Zorflex activated carbon back panel that absorbs all fart odors. As for how it works, when you pass gass, the odor vapors are trapped and neutralized by the cloth inside of the underwear.

The underwear isn't bulky, either. When you put a pair on, no one will be able to tell you're wearing anything but regular undergarments #FTW.
These are not only geared towards people who have bowel and digestive disorders, but for anybody who just can't hold it in. Considering the average person breaks wind 14 times a day, according to Shreddies' site, this is something that just about everyone can use.

To make sure Shreddies' customers get the most out of their underwear, the company even has a guide for how to position your body to fart (seriously). "To avoid flatulence escaping around the filter we recommend that you stand with your legs together and try to let your wind out slowly," it reads on the site.
"When sitting, keep your knees together so that flatulence escapes through the carbon panel. If your Shreddies fit correctly and you ensure that your flatulence passes through the carbon panel all odour will be removed."

The company not only makes underwear, but also flatulence jeans and flatulence "pyjamas" bottoms.


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