What's the One Thing the Kardashians Can't Do While KUWTK Is Filming?

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Khloe Kardashian said in a recent interview with Complex magazine that Keeping Up With The Kardashians films 12 to 16 hours a day, six days a week, so it's pretty safe to say the cameras capture almost everything that happens. Probably one of the reasons why the show is so insanely interesting.

We had no idea they filmed for that long every day and we can't even imagine how the famous fam finds the time to do all of their other work on the side when they're tied up for so long every day.

So, what's it like having cameras around for basically every waking hour? "They're not invasive, but you can't really be on your phone," Khloe told Complex, saying that they're on their phones all the time because of their other work ventures, but they've become more aware about putting the phones down during filming.

Another thing that makes it tough is that they're not allowed to watch TV while they're filming. Not at all, which can get a little boring. "I know we're with each other a lot. It's not special to be with each other anymore, so you're constantly on your phones and we can't watch TV. I would love to have a lunch and have the TV on," she admits. "But you know, there's pros and cons to everything."

She also said that they're more invasive during the Take spinoffs because there are only two of them, so the cameras are with each person a lot more than when they're filming the entire family for KUWTK.

And as far as dating on camera goes, Khloe admits that's hard, too. "It's pressure on everybody," she said, "For the guy, they're freaked out or they're excited and then that freaks you out because you're like, 'Why are you so happy to be on camera?'"

As tough as all of that is, they do a pretty good job of setting boundaries. Kourtney, for example, doesn't work on the weekends, Khloe kept most of her drama with Lamar Odom hidden from the cameras until the very end and we've seen that Kim and Kanye are keeping North off camera. "We all have what our important things are," Khloe says.
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