Yikes! Contaminated Cilantro Pulled From Two Major US Stores

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First, production of Blue Bell ice cream went on an indefinite hiatus, and now cilantro has fallen victim to the food pollution plague. Is there no rest for the food-obsessed weary?

According to website Consumerist, the popular flavorful herb has been pulled from the shelves of Kroger and Walmart stores after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration implemented a seasonal ban on some cilantro imported from the Mexican state of Pueblo. The temporary halt of the imported cilantro in question comes after an investigation on hundreds of intestinal illnesses that have been reported in the US as far back as 2012. In addition, the FDA also discovered human feces, toilet tissue and sanitation issues in the fields where the herb is grown. The contamination can lead to cyclosporiasis, a parasitic illness transmitted through human feces known to cause nausea diarrhea, bloating and cramping.

As for their decision to recall the cilantro in approximately 440 stores mostly throughout the southeastern US, a Kroger spokesperson from a store based in Cincinnati said that the stores should be able to quickly restock their supply by using other suppliers.

Meanwhile Walmart spokesman Aaron Mullins told Bloomberg News that the chain is taking a more precautionary route even though he doubts the outbreak impacted their supply.

"In an abundance of caution, we decided to withdraw and prohibit sourcing any cilantro from this region," he said.

This entire situation can be summed up in one word: yuck.

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