Klutz-Proof Sunnies to Sport All Summer

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If you're a fan of the endless summer, chances are you've spent the sunny weeks jam-packing your schedule with as many swimming trips, bike rides, and weekend getaways as humanly possible. While we're fans of chasing adventures in style, too, it can be a major bummer when our summer staples can't keep up.

For example, blister-inducing shoes, sweat-stained T-shirts, and worst of all: the sunglasses set-backs.

You know what we're talking about. Whether they grow legs and walk away, snap at the bottom of a day-trip backpack or feel outdated after a few weeks of wear, our sunnies never seem to be up to snuff. Until now.
Baendit Eyewear
Baendit Eyewear has created the ultimate sunglasses line for the accident-prone fashionista. With frames constructed out of plastic titanium, the sunglasses are lightweight, flexible and impact-resistant. In other words, you can literally bend the sides into any shape you want, and when you straighten them out, they'll still hold their shape!

Nimble enough to twist around your wrist for quick on-the-go storage and strong enough to hold a set of house keys, we have to wonder, where have these super specs been all our lives? You can even customize your own set with plenty of colored frames and lenses to mix and match, instead of stockpiling different styles in your bedroom.

Building a complete pair will set you back about $120, but with oops-proof style as solid as this, it's an investment we're definitely happy to make in our summer wardrobe. After all, we'll throw shade with these stunning sunnies any day.

Check out more in their video below!


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