The Next Big Rainbow Hair Trend (You'll Never Guess What It Is)

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Every time Kylie Jenner dyes her hair an unnatural hue, it seems like a flurry of celebs and us plebeians flock to the salons to dye our locks all sorts of fantastic colors. Of course, we aren't complaining. We love to see flowing green mermaid hair on the subway or a chromatic unicorn 'do bobbing down the street any day of the week.

But we feel like the beauty world is in need of its next big hair trend, so we spoke to Elisabeth Lovell, color director and owner of Brooklyn's WHITEROOM salon, about the future of rainbow hair. HINT: It has a lot more superpowers than we expected!

CAMBIO: The rainbow hair trend has been around for a few years now. What's new with the brightly colored hair?

ELISABETH LOVELL: I have been seeing a lot of dimensional creative colors. For example, an ombré fade from your natural tone, to a darker shade of purple that fades to a light pastel purple on the ends. I'd call this fantasy hair, or superhero hair.

I'm a fan of making the color look as though it could have grown out of your head, creating high and low tones of the color that mimic the way natural hair might look. I create an almost natural look with all-over color in different tones and shades of the same color family, like a dark blue root that fades to lighter pieces of pastel blue and silver tones.

Which colors are the most in demand?

I have been seeing a lot of purple, pink and blue. People seem to be drawn to the cooler mermaid tones and really love the soft pastel look.

Which celebrities have rocked rainbow hairstyles that you love?

Nicole Richie has been a range of different jewel and pastel tones over the last couple of years, and it always has a lot of dimension and contrast. She somehow makes crazy colors look really classy.
nicole ritchieI've seen some photos of the Olsen twins with a soft pastel pink that suits their skin tone and eye color so well. They make rainbow hair look so natural. Kylie Jenner's turquoise ombré that she wore in the early spring brought lots of brunettes in who asked for the same. For brunettes, soft pastel tones can be difficult because it requires lifting the hair to almost white, but her bright vibrant green inspired a lot of dark haired girls to give a rainbow tones a try.

Rainbow hair started as a fad, but it hasn't wavered in popularity.

I think the rainbow hair trend is still going strong. In spring and summer, we do a lot of light pastel tones; people want soft pink, light purple, pale blue. The color scheme for fall will get darker - more navy, teals, dark purples. I also think we will be seeing more muted or matte tones for fall: light mauve or sea foam green with a bit of a darker more matte finish, like the coloring of an old Polaroid picture. I also think we are going to start seeing more neon accents - highlighter yellow, green and pink, either as an accent to natural hair color or as an accent to a pale rainbow color.
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So now that I'm sold on bold, how do I know which color to choose?

When picking a rainbow tone, the most important thing to consider is what is possible for your hair. If you are naturally a dark brunette and you want to be the palest shade of lavender, it is going to take a couple rounds of bleaching to get your hair light enough to achieve that tone. This may damage your hair, get expensive and fade quickly.

If you pick a shade that lends itself to your natural dark color, it will require a lot less work. Jewel tones can cover the underlying warmth that is exposed when dark hair is lightened, as well as warm, lighter colors like peach, hot pink, orange, red, green or mauve tones. If you are naturally light, you have more options: It is much easier to get your hair light enough to have soft pastel pinks or blues that need a whiter base to achieve.

Consider your skin tone and eye color as well. If your skin is pink and your eyes are light, a cooler tone will be better for you, like blue or green. If you have dark warmer skin and dark or hazel eyes, you will look great in golds or orange or peach. Think about what colors you have in your wardrobe that make you feel best.


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