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One Direction Did It Again

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The world is engulfed by grateful peace. Everyone is sleeping, making a first step in clouds. But then, the bomb is coming and hitting us with devastating power - the ocean of tears and a pervasive scream.

It sounds like disaster movie, doesn't it? Nothing could be more wrong. It's just One Direction shed meteorite in the guise of new single. "Drag Me Down" has become No. 1 in a dozen countries. Julian Bunetta showed us once again how to make a big entrance (in case you didn't know, Mr. Bunetta is responsible for creating the most of 1D's songs; he does the most of the work). There's no peace anywhere. Social networks are bulging with the seams of joy, disbelief and excitement.

The band has been around for five years, and interest doesn't seem to diminish. It makes people believe that there is no exit from the fandom. It is hard to be a teenage girl and live normal life when 99 percent of your time is spending to sighing at their pretty faces on posters. It's good we have holidays because the education of a lot of young girls could suffer in this hard time!

And it's only the beginning. Boys sweat their guts out. Premiere of the new album is coming and also the new tour, which propbably will bring them millions dollars. Extended number of zeros at their bank account helps secure the future. Despite the fact that the crowd running on the streets is not comfortable, I'm pretty sure boys derive pleasure.

If it was possible, I'd sell my soul to the devil just to see what it's like to be on a higher lever in society for one day. God, I'm terrible. Instead of being happy for the single, I'm talking about popularity. Maybe I'm just too old to take it very emotionally?

What about you? Do you like the single?

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