The Heartwarming Reason This Police Officer Is Mowing Someone's Lawn

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To protect and to serve.

When two Michigan police officers passed by a man in a wheelchair trying to mow his own lawn on Monday, they couldn't just keep driving.

"Huge Downtown Kalamazoo Cops shout-out to our Zone 2 partners: PSO Joe Hutson discovered a man attempting to mow his lawn in a wheel chair. Joe takes over the mowing and soon his partner, PSO John Khillah arrives with the push mower, weed trimmer, and leaf blower from Public Safety Station #2," the Downtown Kalamazoo Cops wrote on their Facebook page.

"The gentleman's entire lawn was manicured to perfection. Many citizens stopped to view the kindness and compassion these officers displayed in helping a fellow citizen," they continued.

Their good deed has been "liked" by almost 7,000 people on Facebook and has been shared over 3,500 times. As if the act of kindness itself wasn't heartwarming enough, the comment section is filled with beautiful messages, like this one, "Thank you to the kind officer. This would be a good job for kids that are in need of community service hours."

Also, people made sure to commend the wheelchair-bound man whose lawn was manicured to perfection, meaning he had done it himself many times. "Kudos to them and to the man who had the will to mow his lawn while in a wheelchair. He's a fighter; that's for sure!" one person wrote.

Hopefully this story will inspire others to commit random acts of kindness. Even if it's something small, it can make a big difference in someone's day.

(h/t People)
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