This Cheesecake Has Over Three Million Views on YouTube

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We see cheesecake every's not really anything new.

But, while the sight of an Oreo cheesecake can still make our mouths water, there's one particular cheesecake that has been taking over the internet as of late. YouTube user Ochikeron posted a video that has sent people into a frenzy: it's a simple recipe for a 3-ingredient soufflé cheesecake, and wannabe bakers everywhere have been rushing to try it out.

As Ochikeron states in the video, the cheesecake only has three ingredients – egg whites, white chocolate and cream cheese. She gives step-by-step directions on how to whip up the recipe as well, and we can't lie...we got hungry watching her make it.

The crazy thing about the cheesecake's rise to internet fame is that Ochikeron actually posted the video two years ago. So, it's not clear what exactly brought the video back to life and made it go Viral (perhaps National Cheesecake day?).

Either way, it's easy to see why everyone is trying it. The cheesecake looks delicious, and the recipe is so simple that over a thousand people have raved about it in the comments of the video. Definitely adding this one to our list of things to try.

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