This Is Terrible: There Is a Nutella Shortage in Australia

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Nutella really needs no introduction, but if you're not familiar with it, we'll give you a quick one. Picture peanut butter and then make it chocolaty, smoother, sweeter and infinitely more amazing. Then, you have Nutella.

Now we're not trying to build you up to tear you down, but we do have some bad news - we are potentially looking at a Nutella shortage. If you want to stop reading this article RIGHT NOW to run to the store and buy every tub of Nutella you can get your hands on, we won't be mad.

If you stuck around, here's the story: Because of its undeniable awesomeness, Nutella is now being used for much more than spreading on crackers or toast. In Australia, they are putting it IN donuts and ice cream (OMG!) and since that is just as delicious as it sounds, demand for the sweet stuff has skyrocketed and completely wiped out the wholesale Nutella supply.

We didn't even know there was such a thing as massive tubs of Nutella, but now that we know about them - and their limited supply - we now feel a sense of urgency to find them and stockpile an emergency supply. Yes, our "emergency kit" already has a small jar of Nutella in it - duh! - but what about when the Nutella itself becomes the emergency? Crisis mode.

The good news, especially if you live in Australia, is that Nutella is still available, but vendors are having to buy them in smaller, more expensive tubs so the cost is apparently being passed along to the consumer. Still...expensive Nutella is better than NO Nutella. The other good news is that there is a shipment expected to arrive from Italy in about a week.

Then, when it arrives and the Nutella drought is over, people can try spreading it on pizza like these peeps did. Or maybe not? We thought it sounded good at the time...however that time came before we learned about Nutella donuts and ice cream.
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