This Woman Is Using Facebook to Find a Girl Who Got Body-Shamed

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When Kate-Lynn Edwards visited the Porter County Fair in Indiana, she was having a really great time until she saw something that disturbed her so much, she couldn't stop thinking about it even after she got home.

"I am hoping to reach a young lady I saw at the Porter County Fair last night, July 25, between 8:30 & 9:30pm," she wrote in a Facebook post that has now gone viral. "We road on the 'FeuerBall' ride together, I have short red hair, wavy, and was wearing a long black lace dress."

She then described what the girl was wearing and wrote, "I witnessed a few girls be very mean to you, and I wanted to get out of my seat and reprimand them as I sat there and smiled at you instead, not taking action."

"If you read this, I wish I could meet you, and be your friend. I witnessed you not have fun on that ride, you had the same blank and saddened look when the ride started as when it ended. I saw your bright smile walking on the ride that disappeared because of those girls. They were mean to you regarding your body, and I NEED you to know - DON'T LISTEN TO THEM... I need to find you and tell you how beautiful you are, and how much you are worth. Your smile was perfect, and truthfully you are beautiful."
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She asked Facebook to help her find the girl, telling her - whoever and wherever she is, "I hope I find you, and I hope I get to know you."

While some have been quick to criticize the fact that she didn't act on it in that moment, Kate-Lynn says that's exactly why she posted her message on Facebook. We have probably all been in situations where there was more we could have done and when we look back, we regret not knowing the exact right thing in the exact right moment.

The point is, she's trying to make it right now and she was willing to post it for all of her family, friends and the entire Facebook community to see to tell that girl that she wants to make it right - even though she wasn't even the one who wronged her.

As of her last update on July 30, Kate-Lynn says she still hasn't heard from the girl, who might be shy about coming forward, but we hope that wherever she is, she's read the message and has seen the tremendous outpouring of support.

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