Watch: This Company Secretly Fed Dog Food to Taste Test Volunteers

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Dogs are commonly referred to as man's best friend, but just because they make the most amazing cuddle partners ever doesn't mean we want to share meals with them — and our reluctance has nothing to do with feeding table scraps to pets.

Here's the deal: A company called Freshpet fed unsuspecting volunteers dog food in its most recent ad. Did this company think this would be an effective strategy for demonstrating the freshness of their product? Who knows, but they went all out with the experiment, presenting the canine cuisine to a group of taste testers in the form of elaborately plated meals like chicken tacos, hamburgers and spaghetti and meatballs. The volunteer group, which included people of all age ranges, gobbled the grub right on up. As they ate, their reactions were filmed.

Surprisingly, most of the taste testers enjoyed the food.

"I like the meat in here a lot," one taste tester said. Another volunteer claimed it was the best burger he'd ever tasted.

However, when Freshpet revealed the secret ingredient, some of the volunteers swiftly changed their opinions on what they initially considered to be fine dining, while others praised the food and continued to eat.

Um, yeah. We definitely won't be volunteering for any taste-testing sessions anytime soon.

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