Proof That Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner Are Actually the Same Person

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Kylie Jenner is looking more and more like Kim Kardashian by the day and in this new split shot that Kim shared, we literally can't tell who is who.

"Kim x Kylie," Kim captioned the pic, which has almost a million likes. Seriously, if you cover half of the photo and try to figure out who you're looking at, it's practically impossible. The only giveaway is that Kylie has a bunch of piercings and you can see them in the photo on the right side, so we know that one's her.

Kim and Kylie aren't the only sisters who have a strong resemblance. Kim also shared this pic of herself and Kendall Jenner (Kendall on the right) and they totally look alike, too. Not as much as Kim and Kylie, but you can definitely tell they're sisters.

The weird thing is that we think Kylie and Kim look more alike than Kylie and Kendall, who both share the same parents (Kris and Caitlyn Jenner) while Kim and Kylie only share the same mom.

While Kim is the older sister and it would be easy to assume Kylie is copying her older sibling, Kim has actually admitted that she loves Kylie's style - then again, who doesn't?

"When Kylie texts me saying she loves my look last night, I know I've made it!" Kim joked in a caption of herself at the BET Awards. Yep, that is definitely considered a big "win" in the style department!
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