Turns Out, Couples Around the World Fight About the Same Stuff You and Bae Do

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As perfect as you and bae are, you know you have some little er, disagreements sometimes. It happens to all of us. But, what about couples around the world...do they fight about the same stuff we do? Yep, they sure do!

In this adorable BuzzFeed video, couples from Finland, China, India, Spain and other countries talk about what makes them tick and it sounds awfully familiar.

Not putting things away, how to treat each other's parents, forgetting to turn off the lights, getting the silent treatment. All the same stuff - even right down to the woman saying she'll be ready in "a minute" which guys should totally know is translated to "20 minutes" no matter what country you live in. Hey, we like to look our best!

While we totally enjoyed every second of this video, our favorite, by far, was when the couple from China almost got into a fight about WHAT they fight about. The woman (we love her candor!) revealed a little more than her man was comfortable with her telling the camera and things got tense for a minute there.

Did they miss any popular argument topics? We think they got most of the big ones. So just know that next time you and your man are fighting about something, there is some other couple, somewhere in the world fighting about the EXACT same thing.
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