We've Been Wearing Our Earrings Wrong All Along

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You guys, this changes EVERYTHING!

There is nothing more annoying than buying an awesome pair of earrings and when you go to put them on, you discover they're those lame kinds with the plastic ring around the backing. What is the point of those stupid things, anyway? We always wondered, but never really thought beyond the initial , so we just put them on and rocked that plastic ring even though we hated it.

Turns out, the point of them is...absolutely nothing. In fact, you're supposed to take them off!

While we would totally like to take credit for this genius discovery, it was actually brought to our attention by Twitter user @Chelsea__Smithh: The tweet has already been RT over 40,000 times and was favorited almost as much because seriously...how stupid do we all feel? It's even worse if you're like us and have small lobes and you could full-on see the plastic part hanging down behind your ear. This is a game-changer in every sense of the word and Twitter is rightfully going nuts over it.
Brb, going to remove every. single. one of those stupid plastic backings!
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