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#BUILTBYGIRLS Project Update Vlog: We've Done Things!

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Hey, guys. Cambio gals here again!

It's early in our fifth week here at AOL and a lot has happened since our last vlog (if you haven't seen it, watch it here). Our internship has become even more of an amazing whirlwind since the last time we checked in with you guys.

We've explored the city (and the AOL office). We've learned more about startups and tech at companies like Facebook and Cosmo. We've spent time meeting and interviewing celebrities, including Ashley Benson and Sweet Suspense. Somehow, between all of those tasks and excursions and general merriment, we've found some time to work on code, and since we're here at Cambio to code for the website itself, we decided to give you an update on our projects!

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