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Case for Colombia: Why my Country Shouldn't Get a Bad Rep

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Colombia or Columbia? Don't you dare get these names mixed up because they stand for totally different places.
i can't even gif tyler oakleyIn Colombia, you can find lots of different places - some are surrounded by history, others just simply have been untouched by humanity. There are different kinds of weather, evergreen trees and exotic animals for everyone to enjoy, smile at and take home incredible memories from such wonderful places.

Many people have heard bad stuff about my country, but I want you to erase all of it and look at Colombia from a different point of view. Every place deserves the chance to be looked at without the events of its past, and everyone here is working hard to show others our good face.
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Personally, admiring the beautiful Colombian nature is one of my favorite things to do. I'm definitely amazed by its power, uniqueness and tranquility. The sound of waterfalls, waves hitting shores and talking animals are things that can make some of us tremble and wonder how amazing it is to be admiring what is around us. I'm not going to talk about specific places - they are and are going to be there for you to discover them. I just want to invite you, or at least make you curious enough to come and get to know my country, because as every other country, Colombia is waiting for your visit.
its been waiting for youA picture is worth 1,000 words. If you are a true nature lover, you should find them quite extraordinary! What are you waiting for? Grab a map, surf the Internet and search for your next vacation destination: Colombia! "Regret" won't be in your vocabulary. New experiences are waiting to become unforgettable memories. Take the risk, and embed yourself into the wild!
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