Kelly Osbourne Just Made a Statement About Latinos and People Are Mad

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Kelly Osbourne just said the entirely wrong thing while attempting to make the right point - and people are mad.

On Tuesday, Kelly joined The View as a guest panelist for a special episode dedicated to the show's "Hot Topics" segment. One of the topics discussed on the talk show was Donald Trump's recent comments about Mexican immigrants, specifically the fact that the prospective Presidential candidate (LOL) had called these immigrants "murderers" and "rapists." Unfortunately, when Kelly attempted to shut down Donald's argument, she did so using racist stereotypes - and people are mad.

In an attempt to criticize Donald's stance on immigration, Kelly made a seriously cringe-worthy statement, saying:

If you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?

Naturally, her co-hosts weren't too pleased about this statement, which caused Kelly to make an attempt to clarify what she actually meant, despite her poor choice of words. Here's the video of the supremely awkward moment below:

There's no question that Kelly said the exact wrong thing while talking about immigration policy, and even she immediately seemed to regret her statement as soon as she said it. Even Twitter blew up with responses to Kelly's comment: Still, others saw her statement as a criticism of the labor system: Her intention may not have been negative, but her words still offended plenty of people. If Kelly wants to made amends, she should not only clarify her statement, but also apologize for offending the Latino community. Luckily, Kelly is no Donald - I hope she can find the right words in the future when discussing sensitive issues.
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