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'Minions' Will Take You Back to Your Childhood

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I wasn't very excited when one of my friends suggested we go see the new Minions movie. For me, it sounded kind of boring and a waste of my time. I hadn't seen any of the Despicable Me flicks, and I didn't really intend to do so. I thought it was a children's movie, and the adults seeing it were the parents.
minions gifAnyway, I couldn't say no to the invitation, so we started looking for tickets. To my surprise, everything was sold out! But, we were able to find a 10:30 p.m. show, which was almost sold out as well. When we arrived to the theater, I was shocked to see that 80 percent of the people lining up to enter Minions were adults just like me and my friend. However, I kept my intial thoughts to myself. This couldn't be THAT great of a movie, right?
minions gifThe opening credits started, and my excitement wasn't growing at all, despite everyone else's excitement. But as the movie began, my opinion changed. Most of the scenes were able to transport me back into my happy childhood, where jokes and smiles were the only thing that mattered in the plots of the movies. Something that really grabbed my attention was the fact that the Minions have their own language - and that people all over the world are capable of understanding them in the same way, laughing and smiling about the same things that the Minions do.
minions gifThat's what made this movie so special for me: It brought me out of the adult world and showed me how simple things were, and could still be, for all of us.

I keep hearing that people were expecting a lot more from this movie - but for me, it surpassed my expectations! You could definitely say I went from doubt to love. If you haven't seen any of the Despicable Me movies and want to go back in time to your childhood, I strongly recommend this movie for you!
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