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7 Days #NoFilter: Diary of the Insta-Obsessed

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I logged off of my Instagram account for one week - here's what happened.
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Day 1

I decided I wouldn't delete the app because I know I can resist the temptation of having it right there in front of my eyes and not clicking on it - but, I kept forgetting I wasn't supposed to use Instagram! There were several times I was about to click on the oh-so-addicting app, but in the end, it felt like cheating, so I didn't do it.

Day 2

I still haven't deleted the app, but I'm becoming more and more aware of my little Instagram addiction. I never realized how much time I actually spend every day checking my Insta feed, from looking at perfectly put-together outfits by my favorite fashion bloggers to amazing celeb pics. It's just Day 2, but I know I can make it through this challenge. #gottabestrong

Day 3

I've been finding myself recurring to other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, mostly to make up for the lack of Instagram images in my life right now. Oh, how I miss those filters.
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Day 4

Is it just me, or are there not as many cute puppy pics and videos on Twitter and Facebook? I need my daily dose of cuteness! I was so used to perusing my Instagram every single day for those fuzzy puppy pictures, I just hadn't realized how addicted I actually am to this app.

Day 5

I have perfect Instagram-worthy pictures that I just can't post. #THESTRUGGLEISREAL I don't know if I'll be able to do this for much longer. I swear to you guys, Instagram has become a part of my lifestyle! I get so much fashion inspo from there, it's crazy how much I miss it.

Day 6

It's been six days now. The only thing that keeps me going is that there's only one more day between me and the notifications of my beloved Instagram.

Day 7

Yay, it's the last day of my Instagram break! I feel so happy, I swear I will never leave my baby again. Oh dear, I know I must sound like a cray Insta addict, and I guess I am. I just didn't know. During this week, I realized how much time I spend looking at photos and videos on Instagram. To be quite honest, it's a lot of time spent that I could use to do more productive things. But, come on - it also provides a daily dose of inspiration you can't get from anywhere else.

Insta, I love you.
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