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Peep These 5 Long Hair Problems... Can You Relate?

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Watching hair commercials makes long hair seem like a glorious experience.

With one gust of wind and the right song, the model becomes a magical being putting everyone under their spell. However, what many do not tell you is that having long hair takes a lot of work. Most people have long and thin hair or long with some volume. Then there are those with long and thick hair - that really puts the person to work. So if you have long hair, like me, I am sure that you have experienced the following problems:

1. Washing and drying your hair is an arduous task. You want to have your hair look great, yet you have to start getting ready at midday in order to be ready to go hang out with your friends and look presentable.
2. Have you tried dying your long hair professionally? It's summer, so we all want to change our look a bit. However, if you have long hair, going to get a color professionally done can be expensive. I was charged $100 for a simple color dye, no highlights or cut and dry. Don't get me wrong, I love my hair color, but that is the hefty price I paid for wanting to get it professionally done. From now on, I'll stick to the over-the-counter hair dyes - it's less expensive and gives me the same results.

3. Hair gets caught on everything - and I mean EVERYTHING. My hair has a mind of its own and sometimes it wants hang out of the side of the car and fly like a dog hanging out of the window. Admittedly, that is not the most embarrassing one. My hair has been caught on the button of my crush's shirt. Talk about a face palm moment! I nearly died.

4. Hair styles can hurt. Wearing beautiful ballerina buns or high cheerleader pony tails will feel like torture after a while. Well... if you have thick hair it'll feel like someone is pulling your hair off of your scalp.
5. Do not fret! This last one is blessing and a curse. People either love the long locks or will insist they are extensions or weave. The tide is divided as to whether that beautiful mane is yours or it is store bought.

Remember, it is your hair and if you like having long locks embrace it. Take care of it and rock it like every model on those hair commercials.

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