7 People You're Guaranteed to Encounter on the First Day of School

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We may ring in the New Year in January, but let's be honest: it's the first day of school that really resets the clock on your year. Maybe you're totally blissed out in summer relaxation and can't even be bothered to think about that dreaded day in September. Maybe your so-called "bliss" is really boredom and you can't wait for the days of homeroom and homework. (Well, maybe just the first part.)

No matter how you look at the first day of school, everyone will meet these people when they stroll into the halls on that fateful Monday morning. Here are the students you're guaranteed to run into:

1. The One Who is Still in Vacay Mode

She strolls into class with a beach tote instead of a backpack and looks so sun-kissed that you're pretty sure she spent the morning laying by the pool. Instead of first day of school snaps, she's Instagramming #latergrams from her trip to Cabo.

2. The One Who Looks Completely Different

Your history class buddy might as well be an entirely new person. Gone are the days of long brown locks: she's currently rocking a chic bleached pixie cut and clothes that you're convinced she didn't own any of back in June. She completely embodies the #NewYearNewMe hashtag.

3. The One Who SO Doesn't Want to Be Here

They're exhausted, probably because they've spent every single night of the past three months staying up until 3AM and crashing until noon. They are ready to gripe to everyone who will listen to them about how school should start later and how summer should extend until October. Fingers crossed that lunch will perk their mood.

4. The One Who Was Born Ready For the First Day of School

She has pens in every single color, a notebook for each subject, and seems genuinely stoked when the teacher goes over the syllabus for the semester. Maybe she hit the Starbucks a little too hard this morning, or maybe she just really, really loves school, but either way you're exhausted just looking at her.

5. The One Everyone is Talking About

First day of school gossip is inevitable - you haven't had the chance to catch up with everyone in so long. There's always that one kid who did something insane over the summer that everyone keeps talking about, whether his band went on tour with Paramore or he broke his arm in some freak water skiing accident. Let's hope for the former.

6. The Ones Who Are Attached at the Hip

Wait, when did those two start dating? You can barely get to your locker due to the fact that it's their new PDA spot.

7. The One Who is Brand New

There's always a new kid forced to navigate school solo, and odds are, they're freaking out about it. Be kind and save them a seat at your lunch table - you'll get major first day of school karma points.
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