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11 Signs You're the Blair Waldorf of Your Squad

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Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here. It's clear that everybody would love to be in Blair Waldorf's shoes - her life is perfect. She lives in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue, she's hella gorgeous and her outfits are ALWAYS on fleek. Let's not forget about the most important thing of all: She's got her Prince Charming, Chuck Bass.

As amazing as all this may sound, we have to remember that sadly, Blair is just the most amazing FICTIONAL character ever created - so, could you be the real-life Blair? If you relate to these 11 signs, you just may be.

1. Your outfits are always on point - ALWAYS.

2. You are smart AF and you know it!

3. Your BFF and you are inseparable!

4. You can call me Queen B.

5. You're a natural leader.

6. You've met your very own Chuck Bass...

and you know you're meant for each other, even though you might face some difficult times.

7. You love and live for New York (but, who doesn't? duh!).

8. You know you have to work for what you want.

9. You're a hella great student.

10. You love love LOVE macarons.
blair waldorf gif
11. You would die to have your own Dorota.

So, are you the real life Blair, or are you more like a Serena?

Gossip Girl
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