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Sweet Suspense: 'If Someone's Going to Do Something, Why Not You?'

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Last week, I, along with the #BUILTBYGIRLS interns, got to sit down with the amazing and talented girl group Sweet Suspense to ask them about everything from their tour and their experience on The X Factor and The Voice to what life was like before the stages and lights.

CAMBIO: What is your favorite part about performing on tour?

SWEET SUSPENSE: I think one of the best parts about performing on tour is that we get to perform every other night, which is pretty incredible. It really fills us all with joy and makes us happier, if that's even possible - it's an indescribable feeling...Our relationship both on and off stage is important, and one of the bonuses about touring together as a single girl group is that we get to have our best friends performing right alongside us...Also, getting to constantly be around and interact with our tour crew is great because we have made so many new friends, besides each other obviously...In the case of other groups, sometimes two of the members will split up and go hang out with a part of the crew or other friends, but not us - we never split up.

Is there anyone on the Pop Nation Tour whom you've formed a particularly strong bond with?

Everyone on the tour is amazing, but we have three people that we've really bonded with: Drew, Blake, and Omar. Actually, this one time, we were with Omar sitting in Macy's just shopping for shoes, and the saleswoman asked for a shoe size, so we told her and she said that she'd be right back. All of a sudden (it wasn't planned at all), two of us simultaneously said, "Thank you!" in a harmony, and he freaked out! He was like, "Did you just harmonize thank you?!" It was really funny.
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Is there anything in particular that you miss about being in high school?

It's kind of weird not seeing and interacting with the same people every day, but we've formed a similar bond with our tour group. We also still have our workload from school, but the whole experience has more of a "camp" feeling rather than a "school" feeling.

What was the craziest part about being on The X Factor and for Bryana, The Voice?

The craziest part about The X Factor was honestly the pure pressure of having to learn and perform a new song each week. It was crazy in the sense that we had very limited time, and at the same time, we had to worry about the television side of things: side interviews, wardrobe, staging, etc. After a while, we got the hang of it, but even then, we were always on our toes and moving a mile a minute.

The time we had to meet with our vocal coaches and choreographers was a very small amount as well - sometimes as little as 10-20 minutes - so we had to be quick and always focused. On top of all of this, we still had to get in our hours for school, so there was never really a moment of rest while we were on The X Factor.

When we were eliminated, of course we felt sad, having to say goodbye to all of our friends and the experience itself, but at the same time, we felt a relief because we wouldn't have to go through elimination again or have to stand there not knowing along with everyone else and their nerves. Sure, when they say your name to get eliminated, you're heartbroken, but at the same time you're like, "Now, I can finally breathe."

On The Voice, I think craziest thing for me was the battle rounds. There was always lots of pressure (more than usual anyways), and you were singing the exact song against someone else. And with a lot of these people, relationships were formed. It was hard after the round was over and your coach had to look at both of you and tell you how amazing you did, but, at the end of the day, someone has to go home.

During elimination, you're just standing there, hardly able to breathe because everyone's nerves are kicking in. It's only about two minutes in reality, but in your head, it can feel like two years. It's also hard having to say goodbye to the people you've made bonds with each week, even though they're your competitors.

They had me do an interview literally right after I was eliminated, and the woman interviewing me asked, "So how does it feel going back to Illinois having nothing? You don't have a school, friends, anything." I know she didn't mean it like that, but I was all sad and I was just trying not to laugh and cry at the same time, so I just said, "It feels fantastic!" And it was really uncomfortable.FOX's "The X Factor" Season 3 - Top 13 To 12 And Top 12 Perform Live

What it was like working with Simon Cowell and/or Gwen Stefani?

Gwen is one of the most humble, down-to-earth, amazing [people] you will ever meet. I was actually a huge fan of hers before, and I had no idea she was going to be on my season of The Voice. I thought Christina Aguilera was going to be there. [Gwen] is a brilliant person, and the advice and skills I learned, along with just this incredible opportunity I was given, was priceless...After I was eliminated, she gave me a pair of shoes!

As far as The X Factor goes, Simon is...one of the most brutally honest people, but what the public eye doesn't really get to see is how sweet and nice he is to everyone. The best experience we had with Simon is when he had us over to his home for tea and scones. It was cool to see him around his dogs. It brightened him up, he looked really happy, and the tea was amazing. Simon really cares about all of the artists he works with from One Direction to Little Mix. He's also great at working with groups - he even taught us how!

Where did the name "Sweet Suspense" come from?

When we were on The X Factor, we had to choose at least 100 names, because a majority of them couldn't be used due to copyright and legal purposes. Legally, "Sweet Suspense" was the one they thought would work the best, but while we were coming up with names, they were so random. We came up with True Treasure, Sugar Shock, Third Avenue (which we really liked), Pacific Sirens and about 90 more. When they finally told us that we were Sweet Suspense, we were like wait a minute - we like this! They gave us the option to change the name later if we wanted, but we decided to keep it.Sweet Suspense #BUILTBYGIRLSWhat does #BUILTBYGIRLS mean to you?
The #BUILTBYGIRLS movement really resonates with us. Being on a reality show is very difficult, especially one where people are getting eliminated and the general public decides that. Automatically, we got lots of hate out of nowhere, and it wasn't even about the talent. The comments would be focused on looks, like "She's only getting through to the next round because she has a pretty face!"

We are so big on female empowerment. We actually have this song called "Like A Girl," reminding girls that we should turn that phrase into a compliment. Nobody can do things like a girl better than a girl can. If someone's going to do something, why not you?
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