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11 Things to NEVER Say to a Fangirl

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Fangirls are everywhere. Seriously, if you don't know a fangirl, then you probably live under a rock. They are some of the most powerful people in the world and can be any age. Fangirls come in many types and range from your typical (and most common) One Direction fangirl to Supernatural fangirls. These girls are totally calm and cool most of the time, but if you say the wrong thing to them, they will go from 0 to 30 in less than a second. Want to avoid that? Of course you do, so never say THESE 11 things to a fangirl.

1. "It's just a show/band/movie."
voldemort angry gifNo, it is NOT just a show/band/movie. It's more than that; it's a LIFESTYLE. You may think that it is just a show/band/movie, but to us, it is a thing we can watch/listen countless times and never get sick of and even enjoy it even more each time. You don't understand it like we do, obviously.

2. ​"People who 'ship' different couples (instead of focusing on what's real) are insane."
If you say this to a fangirl, prepare for a 20-minute long rant as to why you are wrong and why the ship works.

3. "My favorite show/movie/band is better."
Honey, just don't.

4. "All fanfiction is poorly written and stupid."
As a fanfiction writer myself, I object to this message and get very offended whenever someone says that. If you've ever read fanfiction, you would find that the majority of it is very well thought-out and very well written. We fangirls don't play around with our fanfic.

5. "I've seen them in person this many times and met them this many times, I am a WAY better fangirl than you."
Just because you have seen them in person and met them, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER FANGIRL. Your ignorance actually makes you a worse fangirl, thank you.

6. "But that one is your favorite? OMG he's so ugly!"
No. No. No. No.

7. "But...neither of those people are gay, why do you ship them?"
Because it's meant to be; that's why.

8. "Why are you crying? They're fictional characters/people, get over it."
We're crying at the beauty of it and your idiocy for saying that.

9. "They will never love you. Get over it."

10. "Stop wearing fandom merchandise all the time; it's dumb."
Your regular clothes are dumb.

And finally, one that I apologize for in advance...

11. "When does the next season of Sherlock come out? I forgot."
No words needed for this one, the gif explains it all.
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