This Blogger Was Body Shamed and Here's How Instagram Fought the Haters

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One day I hope we all live in a world where no one is shamed, ridiculed, or bullied for how they look. Sadly, it doesn't seem like today is that day - but that doesn't mean it's all bad news. The Instagram community just proved that it can be the best when they stood up for a body shamed blogger, and it gives me just a little bit of hope for our future.

The body shamed blogger is fashion design blogger Jenny Rushmore, whom posted a sketch of a swimsuit she planned on sewing for the summer on her Instagram account @Cashmerette. That prompted some jerk of an Instagram user to tell her that she would never be "bikini ready" (can we please destroy that term once and for all?) and that she should "eat less cake." Ugh.

Luckily, Jenny knows exactly how to shake off the haters, and published an Instagram post to fire back at the jerk:
BOOM. Shut down. Haters to the left, please.

Jenny's confidence was so contagious that it actually inspired lots of other Instagram users to take up her #CakeWithCashmerette hashtag and post pics of them eating cake (and other delicious baked goods) in solidarity.
Even dogs got in on the action:
The #CakeWithCashmerette hashtag extended to pizza, because isn't pizza just a "savory cake?"
The #CakeWithCashmerette hashtag makes one thing clear: no one can police anyone else's body, and no one should feel ashamed of how they look. Jenny and her supporters proved that confidence is the most beautiful thing, and let's hope that jerks on the internet finally get the message.
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