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Picture this: It's finals week. You have three exams to cram for, and you have two term papers due on Monday. In true procrastinator style, you're furiously swiping down your Instagram feed for a glimpse of something new (there's nothing, you've looked at the same sunsets and blurry pictures of happy hour drinks four times now). You just need to you reach over and press a big white button.


Same. But that's about to change. A few smart AF folks are trying to revolutionize productivity with this glowing zen disk, called Saent. It's essentially a mute button. Sync it up to your device with Bluetooth, and it will pause all apps and websites (from a preset list) as well as block distracting notifications. If you try to open one of the forbidden apps, you'll get a reminder that you're supposed to be working.

Plus, Saent is designed to "optimize your work rhythm," according to the product's Indiegogo page. Basically, you choose from 30-, 50- or 90-minute blocks of productivity, and after completing each block, you get a break to refresh your brain (Saent's developers are firm believers that frequent breaks keep your mind agile and creative).

If you are the competitive type, Saent also rewards productivity in 10-minute chunks with points. That way, you can compare with your friends or coworkers.

Facebook? Ha. Let's get cracking!
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